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"A ship in port is safe. but that's not ships are build for."

Who We Are

Marina Maritime is a ship crew manning company. Based on the principle of "Pin To Plane" Marina Maritime Mumbai, works in order to cater the growing demands of marine industries. We are basically engaged in Ship Crew Management, Training of Seafarers, Rig Crew Management, Ship building, Offshore fabrication Buying & Selling of Ships, Ship charterer & Material supply.

We have achieved Innovative techniques and total quality assurance in the forefront in today's competitive world. We are the fastest growing marine company, which is well managed by group of expert Engineers, Professionals to give our ultimate excellence in order to provide topmost customer satisfaction. Our mission is – Continuous improvement in our performance by establishing objectives & monitoring the accomplishment of our results by customer satisfaction.

Along with customer satisfaction as well as good commitments we give a lot of priorities to our co- staffs. We provide them good & healthy working environment for maximum utilizing of their efforts keeping safety at the top priority. We give the all most all basic facilities to our employees.

Our services & core capabilities are extremely backed up by well equipped Seafarer Training & Placement facilities, workshop facilities including HULL fabrication, overhaul of mechanical machineries etc. The company's strength lays in well experienced Seafarers , Technicians and workforce with in-depth knowledge of Ship Maneuverings, Fabrications and Engineering Equipment repairs.

Sanjeev Singh

Operation Manager


Rig Marine has been faithfully serving the Marina Maritime with all their Marine needs. Most experienced marine construction business in Marina Maritime.

We offer only the highest quality craftsmanship in the construction of residential docks, commercial docks, sea walls and boat lifts.

Rig Marine Construction also offers a full line of dock and boat lift accessories, as well as much custom, made to order options available.

The Cadet Training Programme is the first step towards being a Captain on a cruise liner taking passengers around the world or navigating a 500,000 tonne merchant ship. The Merchant Navy comprises many different shipping companies with vessels ranging from 500 to 500,000 tonnes in size.

The ships are a vital part of the world economy, carrying oil, containers, refrigerated cargo, coal, ore, grain, timber, cars, steel and a thousand other products to keep nations fed and industry supplied. Other commercial activities include cruise liners and passenger/vehicle ferries, cable laying and scientific vessels studying the seabed.

The duration of the Pre-Sea Training Course For General Purpose Ratings is 6 months. The course is fully residential as per the Directorate General of Shipping norms, requiring all the trainees to reside in-house.

The course will cover all aspects of the sea-faring profession (Deck and Engine), which also include swimming, physical drills, workshop training, rope and mast climbing, life saving, fire fighting exercises and ship visits etc.

Our seafarers are continuously monitored, guided, coached and mentored by our highly trained and experienced Technical and Marine Superintendents, who bring years of specialist experience to the job and are supported by a capable and robust support infrastructure ashore.

The onboard crew is at the forefront of all activities and the key to a vessel's safe and smooth day to day operations. At Marina Maritime we understand that crew management is one of the most important factors in running the vessels we manage and we are fully aware that safeguarding these vessels and their owner's interests requires the highly efficient utilization of the crew .We maintain highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers who fulfill the requirements of this Highly Demanding Industry.

Much of the activity in the offshore sector involves specialized ships - such as Ocean going Tugs, dynamic positioning vessels, anchor handlers, safety standby vessels. Marina Maritime has experience in all of these sectors and can offer technical and crew management to our own high standards of excellence.

We also are the Operators of offshore Supply Vessels and Ocean going Tugs ready to mobilize at short notice. We have successfully carried out the Towage/Offshore Operation during last 3 years in the Subcontinent and all over Middle East and S.E. Asia.

The Cadet Educational Programme provides you with comprehensive grounding for your work at sea, and for professional life within Marina Maritime

You will gain theoretical and practical insight into many different areas of vessel operations, including maritime technology, navigation, safety, cargo operations, leadership and management.

Additionally, you will be trained in the Marina Maritime core values, our culture and leadership, and be offered a motivating atmosphere for your own professional development and personal growth.

The course will cover all aspects of the sea-faring profession (Deck and Engine), which also include swimming, physical drills, workshop training, rope and mast climbing, life saving, fire fighting exercises and ship visits etc.

We are here to provide high quality of skilled seafarers, which the marine industries require & expect. We do this through rigorous selection procedures there b producing large pool of qualified Officers & Crew with hands on experience on all classes of vessels including Bulk carriers, Container vessels, ROROS, Crude, Product, Gas & Chemical tankers. We have the best vessels & excellent career prospects. We are managing all most all kinds of Ships in India & Abroad under our management. Our fleet personnel department selects the appropriate candidate as per requirement of our principal.
Sponsorship for Training of Pre-Sea courses

Under this program we sponsor & train the seafarers both at National & International levels. After the successful completion of training we place the crew on board on the vessels under our management.

Fabrication and welding of pipes as per spool drawing and erection as per system drawing.

Fabrication of ship structure as per drawing.

Fabrication of equipment foundation/seating and erection of new equipment.

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